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Coins is a fast-paced 2D physics game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You fire a ball and try to hit as many coins as you can. Coins you collect are added to your score.

How To Play

Tap the screen to release a ball. Try to time the release so that the ball will hit as many coins as possible. Coins that fall through the hole at the bottom are added to your score.

You start the game with ten balls. The number on the ball hopper tells you how many balls you have left. The game finishes when you run out of balls, or when every coin and brick on screen has been hit.


Copper coins are worth Ⴥ0.01, silver coins are worth Ⴥ0.10 and gold coins are worth Ⴥ1.00.

Extra points are available for completely clearing the screen, and for having balls remaining when the screen is clear.

Points can be used to unlock levels from the menu screen.


You can pause the game by tapping at the top of the screen. From the pause menu you can restart the current level or return to the level selection menu.

The level selection menu is split into categories. Some categories may be locked. To unlock a category, click the button with a padlock in the lower right corner of the screen.


If you aim for coins higher up on the screen first, there’s a higher chance that the ball will rebound and hit another by accident.

The ball is released with some speed based on how fast the hopper is moving. Try to compensate for this, or use it to your advantage.

On levels with moving coins, it’s often helpful to wait for the coins to be in a better position before releasing the ball.


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Good Luck!

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